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Why our currency will fail

The idea that the very same economic forces that are currently plaguing Greece, et al., are somehow not relevant to the United States’ circumstances does not hold water. As goes the rest of the world, so goes the US. When we back up far enough, it is clear that money and debt are there to reflect and be in service to the production of real things by real people, not the other way around. With too much debt relative to production, it is the debt that will suffer. The same is true of money. Neither are magical substances; they are merely markers for real things. When they get out of balance with reality, they […]

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Gold Prices Driven Higher by Europe and China

Preserving wealth in a volatile political and financial world is a job for gold. Greg Weldon, publisher of Weldon’s Money Monitornewsletter and Grant Williams, a portfolio advisor at Vulpes Investment Management in Singapore, will share their insights at the Cambridge House California Investment Conference Feb. 11–12. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, they answer the question: How low and high can gold go? The Gold Report: Recent headlines continue to focus on the debt crisis in Europe as more countries are having their debt downgraded. Greg, you have diagnosed the problem as credit addiction and said that the European Union won’t be able to recover until leaders take painful measures necessary to […]

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Crunch time in Greek debt talks

Markets are caught between joy and disconsolation at the moment. On the one hand, they know that central banks are committing to ever-greater money creation efforts in order to keep the present economic show on the road – and Mr Market loves nothing more than free money. But as long as the shadow of a disorderly Greek default persists – along with the possibility that more peripheral eurozone nations will also be forced into a similar position – bulls can’t rest easy just yet. As Reuters reports, Greek political leaders face “crunch talks” today over a rescue package that must be approved by eurozone governments, the European Central Bank and the […]

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Gold Price to Hit $5,000 in 24 Months & Silver $166

Today Egon von Greyerz told King World News that central planners may very well fail at their attempts to save some troubled banks. Von Greyerz also surprised KWN by predicting gold will climb to $5,000 and that silver will hit $166 in the next 24 months. Egon von Greyerz is founder and managing partner at Matterhorn Asset Management out of Switzerland. Here is what von Greyerz had to say about central bank activity and how it will impact gold and silver prices: “If you look at every central bank in the world they are in an absolute mess and they need to print unlimited amounts of money. So we will […]

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Is gold in a bubble?

Every once in a while a bubble forms in a market. Bubbles can occur in any market, whether stocks, commodities, real estate or as we know from history, even tulip bulbs. Market bubbles are, as the name implies, unsustainable. They are manifest by inflated prices that go up and up to achieve unthinkable levels for a while, and in some cases, for a very long while. But like their soap-bubble counterparts, market bubbles clearly lack durability. They can pop at any time. So inevitably, the bubble pops, with the unfailing result that prices thereafter quickly drop back to earth. In essence, bubbles are nothing more than an emotional frenzy in […]

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Gold Prices decline further as “crunch time” arrives for Greece but Gold now more of a Safe Haven than in Nov and Dec

Gold Prices continued to fall Monday morning in London, hitting $1713 per ounce by lunchtime – 2.8% down on last week’s high – as stocks and commodities also ticked lower, while US Treasury bonds gained. Silver Prices dropped to $33.09 per ounce – 3.9% down on the high from last week – as uncertainty grew over the long-running Greek debt issue. Gold Prices began their downward move on Friday following the publication of better-than-expected US nonfarm jobs data. Stock markets by contrast rallied immediately following the release. “[The fall] may serve as a warning of an interim top,” reckons Russell Browne, technical analyst at bullion bank Scotia Mocatta, adding “there is key support at […]

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Special interview with David Morgan & Chris Duane: $500 Silver & hyperinflation in the US

A very insightful interview with two specialists in silver: Chris Duane & David Morgan. You’ll hear why it’s quite realistic that silver will reach 500 dollar in the (near) future and how you have to look at silver in order to protect yourself. Courtesy to Chris Duane & David Morgan (www.silver-investor.com)  

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Silver price at $158 in 12-18 months?

The Facebook IPO and the $80 billion Glencore/Xstrata merger are the talk of the markets this morning, with both lending encouragement to equities. North American stock markets had another up day yesterday, with Asian exchanges recording further gains this morning. European markets are however more mixed, with continuing Greek debt talks casting a shadow over the generally bullish mood. April Comex gold futures – the most actively traded month – settled just 50 cents shy of $1,750 per troy ounce. $1,750 is becoming an increasingly significant short-term resistance level for gold. Encouraging news about German and Chinese manufacturing output led to more selling of the US dollar as investors headed back […]

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Our exponential debt system

| January 18, 2012 | Articles: Insights

The word “debt crisis” has made it into everyone’s vocabulary by now. People are talking about how we were “living beyond our means” and are debating how spending cuts, …

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Austrian vs. Keynesian economics

| January 17, 2012 | Articles: Experts Talk

In this video Juan Ramón Rallo, economist and university professor in Madrid, and Alasdair Macleod of the GoldMoney Foundation talk about Austrian and Keynesian economics. Rallo sees growing …

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How to handle the European debt crisis

| January 12, 2012 | Articles: Experts Talk

In this video Pedro Schwartz, professor of Economics at Madrid’s San Pablo University, and Alasdair Macleod of the GoldMoney Foundation talk about the debt crisis in Europe, with special …

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Who is most likely to obtain all that monetary debt?

| January 3, 2012 | Articles: Insights

The price of gold started the year on a positive note, rebounding from support at $1,550 per troy ounce back towards $1,600 and extending its decade long bull market. The future looks just as bright …

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