Crowdfunding In Gold: $1 Million For The Next Gold Discovery

The gold mining industry is not really known for innovation. This could be changing with the first crowdfunding challenge ever set up by a gold miner. Integra Gold launched a challenge to find the next large gold discovery.

The company recently acquired a treasure trove of data through its acquisition of the Sigma-Lamaque Mine and Milling Facility near its Lamaque South discovery. Overall, both the Sigma and Lamaque mines produced 4.5 million oz of gold each. However, here lies the opportunity that Integra sees: the Sigma Mine was more than 700m shallower than the Lamaque Mine, despite producing the same amount of gold. Could there be more gold underneath?

Integra hopes to attract the expertise of those in academia, geology, the mining sector and many other disciplines to interpret the data.

This infographic explains what the challenge exactly is (hint: it is related to big data).


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