The Direction of Gold and Silver Prices for the Next Three Months

As they say, timing is everything. This applies in almost everything especially in investing. Although the prices of precious metals are likely to remain stable, analyzing it for a longer time table is very important before taking further action. This year has been claimed as the golden year for precious metals. The increasing incomes will likely pull up the demand of precious metals too. As the law of supply and demand states, the limited supply and high demand of precious metals will likely push the prices of precious metals higher.


Gold Price for the Next Three Months

June – For the month of June, the predicted price of gold at the beginning is $1,266/oz with $1,301/oz as the highest price and $1,177/oz as the lowest price. When calculated, the average price is $1,246 dollars per ounce.


July – For July 2018, the expected price of gold at the beginning of the month is $1,239/oz. The average price is $1,226/oz since the highest price is $1,282/oz and the lowest possible price is $1,160/oz. The price of gold at the end of the month could hit up to $1,221/oz.


August – $1,221/oz is the estimated beginning price of gold for the month of August while $1,215/oz is the predicted price at the end of the month. The price of gold for the month is averaging at $1,217/oz with $1,276/oz as the highest price and $1,154/oz as the lowest price.  Prices get harder to estimate the further out you project, so the actual values could be very different than shown.  Unforeseen events, storms, political turmoil, etc. can impact the prices greatly.


The above data shows a decrease in the price of gold, nonetheless it is expected that it will change any time soon as the demand for it keeps on growing as months go by and the value that it holds never fades no matter how long the time is.


On the other hand, the price of silver will likely maintain its value and an increase is expected due to the demand of silver in different industries. It is predicted that the lowest price for silver could be $16/oz and the highest is $21.30/oz. This is due to the limited supply of silver, but the demand is amazingly high leading its price to likely increase within the next three months. Silver remains as an attractive and versatile option for people who cannot afford the prices of buying gold.

Like any other asset, the prices of gold and silver can sharply change from time to time, yet their importance will never go out of the way. Their importance will never change no matter what the price is in as much as their uses will never be wasted no matter what the form is.

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