The Agenda Of Our Leaders For The Coming 4 Years

It is the end of the year, the ideal time to look back in the past year and make a forecast of the new year. Lindsey Williams described the outlook till 2016. The remarkable things is that it was not his personal outlook but the one from the (political) top leaders. It is tricky to make these statements. However, given his background and the evidence we already see today, we believe that the outlook could be correct.

Lindsey Williams is the man who, because of his contacts in the oil industry, correctly predicted that the world price for oil would fall from roughly $140.00 per barrel to less than $50.00 per barrel. He claims to be well connected to what he calls “the power elite” because of his former executive role in the oil industry. His sources in the oil industry are directly linked to the top political leaders giving them “insights” in their agenda’s.

In a recent video interview he confesses how the high level agenda of our leaders looks like, at least for the coming four years. The embedded video provides much more detail, specifically between minutes 5 and 33. Note that this information applies primarily to the US. Courtesy of InfoWars.

  1. Our leaders are not ready for a financial collapse YET.
  2. Our leaders are aim for forced debt creation. Look at students, they are believed that cannot do their studies without going into debt.
  3. The Middle class will be taxed into oblivion, starting after the fiscal cliff. For instance, it is particularly likely that Obamacare will be taxed.
  4. The debt limit will be suspended. The government will spend into oblivion. The dollar is scheduled to be phased out in the coming two years. On a recent summit in Asia, countries like China / India / Japan / Brazil, which together account for half of the world population, confirmed they are committed to stop using the US dollar as the world reserve currency.
  5. In the US, 38% of the people is receiving at least one remuneration from the government (for example Medicare, Medicaid, social security). In 4 years from now, this figure is “planned” to become 70%.

Lindsey Williams mentions also the objective for the price of gold. By 2016, it should go to $3,000 to keep pace with the debt creation.

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