U.S. To Pay Off Public Debt 5747 Years At 100 Dollars Per Second

Mountain Vision released an interesting calculation on the debt mountain. In order to make the current debt numbers more meaningful, one way to look at the debt problem is to convert it in pay off duration.

If a printing machine were to print one 100 US dollar note and one 100 Euro note every second, day and night, Saturdays and Sundays, without interruption, how long would it take to print the current level of debt of America and Germany? The answer is astonishing.

Knowing that there are here are 31‘536‘000 seconds in a year, the calculation shows how many years are required to pay off the debt (based on the pace of one 100 US dollar note per second). The underlying assumptions are that a human live on average counts 85 years and that point zero is February 4th, 2014.

USA needs to pay off 67 human lives or 5747 years (18‘126‘251‘000‘000: 31‘536‘000: 100 (notes of $100)).
Germany needs to pay off 8 human lives or 676 years (2‘132‘899‘400‘000: 31‘536‘600: 100 (notes of €100)).

But fear not, the debt crisis is contained and our central planners will do whatever it takes …

And here is an interesting infographic which puts the public debt to GDP ratio in an historic perspective:


Source: Infographiclist via Mountainvision

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