Why You Should Buy Gold Bars as a Gold Investment

Buying gold bars is one of the easiest and safest ways to invest in physical gold. Gold bars come in different forms, which makes it easy to find a solution for your available budget. During the past years, gold bars have gained a lot of interest from investors and individuals.

There are different types of gold bars available in the gold market. A couple of examples:

–  One tonne gold bars, equaling 1 000 kg or 32 150.746 troy ounces

–  400 ounce gold bars, equaling 12.4 kg, held mainly by Central Banks and professional dealers

–  One kilogram gold bars

–  100 gram gold bars which are sold with mostly the lowest premiums of all types of gold bars

–  50 grams, 20 grams or 10 grams, 10 ounces, 1 ounce (ideal for individuals)

–  and many more

Benefits of buying gold bars

There are different benefits of owning gold bars. First, it’s easy to trade. You’ll always find gold bars to buy, but also to sell. Some special coins for example are not always easy to sell. Second, the premiums you pay on gold bars are in general lower than on gold coins. So in general you are paying almost the same price for a gold bar as the spot price of gold increased with a low premium. Third, gold bars are a form of physical gold, meaning you don’t carry any counterparty risk. Whatever happens with the economy, stock market, or debt crisis, your gold will not be affected; it will remain yours.

Where to buy gold bars

Up until a couple of years ago, you had to find a retail or wholesale dealer to buy gold bars. It’s much easier nowadays to buy gold. With the advent of the Internet and several so-called “vaulted gold” sites, you can easily buy gold bars online and have them stored for you in special secure vaults. When buying vaulted gold, the service provider usually holds gold bars for you. We’ve created a listing with highly recommended and trusted companies where you can easily and safely buy physical gold (bullion).



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