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Nick Barisheff: The Destruction Of Currency And Rise Of Gold

GoldSilverWorlds had the honour to discuss some important topics related to precious metals with Nick Barisheff, CEO of Bullion Management Group Inc. and author of the book “$10,000 Gold: Why Gold’s Inevitable Rise is the Investor’s Safe Haven” which will be released later this year and is available now for pre-order on Amazon.com. This article is the first one in a five part series. The topics that we covered: the current transfer of wealth from paper to hard assets (primarily gold & silver), ongoing currency destruction, tips for low risk-high reward investing, and the ignorance of mainstream media towards gold’s huge advance. Today’s discussion is based on the primary trend […]

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Doug Casey on the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Today’s Journalism

| September 13, 2012 | Articles: Experts Talk

Louis: Hola Doug. What’s on your mind this week? Doug: The color yellow. As in “yellow journalism” – which seems almost the only kind we have these days. Of course, to be fair, inflammatory, shamelessly dishonest “man bites dog” journalism has always been the dominant kind, simply because it sells papers. But we’ll see more than the usual amount in the next couple of months, simply because elections lend themselves to it; politics seems to stimulate the reptilian part of the brain, the most primitive part. Both politics and the reptilian brain relate well to the yellow press. Anyway, like many people, I watched snippets of the Republican National Convention […]

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