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Is Silver On The Rise? Could It Be The New Gold?

| October 19, 2018 | Articles: General

Investors are talking about gold mainly for its value and price.  In the past ten years, the price of gold has increased from less than $300 to $1,500 per ounce…quite interesting for gold investors. However, silver has performed better than gold for the past ten years.  Its price has ranged from less than $5 to $40 an ounce. So if you invested  $10,000 in gold in June 2001 its value today would be $50,000, but if you invested $10,000 in silver on the same date you would now have around $80,000. Now may be the time to start thinking of silver as the new gold.  As a matter of fact, […]

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7 Uses Of Gold You Weren’t Aware Of

| October 18, 2018 | Articles: General

Gold has has had many uses since ancient times.  Some of its uses were to decorate ornaments, weapons, jewelry, shrines, and many other things. In modern times, gold has been used as an electric conductor, jewelry, coins, commodities, and also as an investment. But is that all that gold can do for us? The answer is no, of course. Here are some unusual uses for gold. Health Supplement Yes! You read it right, gold has also been used as a food supplement. Japan has a unique tradition where they mix small, thin films of gold in beverages and in their food as a source of vitamins.  In some other countries, […]

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