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Don’t Expect Our Leaders To Protect You – Do It Yourself

| February 24, 2013 | Articles: General

Our leaders do care about us: right or wrong? We only have an opinion about it, and can only encourage people to look at that fundamental question in a very thorough and truthful way.

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We Are In Uncharted Waters – The Debate Is Not Addressing The Truth

Frank Giustra is a very successful entrepreneur and investor. He succeeded in various role, from the gold mining sector to the fim industry. Very recently, he spoke at the World Outlook Financial Conference where he talked about a couple of big themes: his economic and monetary outlook, everyone’s hidden agenda, disinformation and inflation. The interview is extremely insightful, accurate and actual.

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This Artificial World Will Lead To Gold’s Revaluation

| January 30, 2013 | Articles: Insights

We are living in a world in which definitions of things are completely destroyed. The inevitable unmasking of today’s artificial world will lead to increased transparency on a large scale and an appreciation of gold.

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The Fine Line Between Truth And Lie

| January 18, 2013 | Articles: Insights

We are all molded by the information kit we are fed as we grow up and as we grow old. And, unless we actively take the effort and find the energy to question all the commonly shared ‘truisms’ – the spoon-fed facts of others, the things that “everyone knows” and that all take for granted – we stand to be easy prey for those in possession of the means for mass propaganda.

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