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Is gold in a bubble?

Every once in a while a bubble forms in a market. Bubbles can occur in any market, whether stocks, commodities, real estate or as we know from history, even tulip bulbs. Market bubbles are, as the name implies, unsustainable. They are manifest by inflated prices that go up and up to achieve unthinkable levels for a while, and in some cases, for a very long while. But like their soap-bubble counterparts, market bubbles clearly lack durability. They can pop at any time. So inevitably, the bubble pops, with the unfailing result that prices thereafter quickly drop back to earth. In essence, bubbles are nothing more than an emotional frenzy in […]

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Investing in silver rounds may help you in eradicating debts

| January 26, 2012 | Articles: Insights

It has been observed that more than half of US citizens are under the burden of personal debt. Thus methods of debt reduction are gaining increased importance. Investments in silver bullion rounds are one of the best methods for gaining some extra money. You can use this money to pay off your debts. When you are investing in silver rounds, you should buy your rounds from a reputed source so that you know you are investing in pure silver. This is necessary so that you can get worthy return of your money. Below mentioned are three types of silver rounds that are the best and most reliable investment. 1. Silver […]

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