Gold Mining Alert: Possible Surprise Could Unfold in the Matter of Weeks

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By Daniel Ameduri from FutureMoneyTrends:

“This may be the biggest mining opportunity in decades, which is why I am urging you to research Callinex Mines immediately!”

I am convinced that Callinex Mines (CNX) is now months away from becoming the hottest stock in Vancouver.

Some major players are moving in big with this stock, taking up large positions… Even a previous BHP executive has joined their team of advisors, Steve Swatton, who, while with BHP, was the Global Head of Business Development for their exploration division!

CNX has had a Swarm of News in the Past 10 Days, including Just Moments Ago…

  • August 10th Pre-Market: Callinex Mines announces commencement of phase 2 drilling, with results expected early this fall!
  • August 6th: Billion-dollar giant Resource Capital Funds took at 17.9% stake in the company.
  • July 31st: CNX is fully-funded, receiving $3.4 million in an oversubscribed private placement.

I spoke with Chairman Mike Muzylowski earlier this summer and he made it clear to me he’s not looking for average – CNX is drilling for a major discovery! Mr. Muzylowski is one of the world’s greatest geologists, with 16 mineral discoveries, something almost no living human being can lay claim to. He was inducted in the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame in 2011!

Of the 16 discoveries, 13 were in Manitoba, Canada, Where He is Drilling Now…

He made it clear to me while talking to him,

“Dan, this is my last big venture, and I hope to have at least 3 new discoveries before I’m put out to pasture.”

Earlier this year, CNX intersected 44.2 meters of mineralization, equivalent to 4% copper (high-grade)!

The area where CNX is exploring has an ore grade that is about 40-50% higher than anywhere else in the world.

Given HudBay’s concentrator, which is nearby, has enough ore to last only 5 years, an economic discovery on CNX’s Pine Bay project would attract interest from HudBay!

CNX is targeting sites on a known mine horizon, and looking for a new economic discovery within the belt.



The phase 2 drilling that was just announced could enhance shareholder value with just a modest increase in the size of deposits, leading to significant implications, potentially leading to several new discoveries.

This is the drilling campaign I’ve been waiting for, where CNX has positioned itself for a possible upside surprise, and the best part is this will all unfold in the matter of weeks!

With the objective to confirm and expand their high-grade mineralization for their copper-zinc projects, they will also be testing targets with the potential for NEW discoveries. All of these drilling targets are in the Manitoba region and are in close proximity to HudBay’s (NYSE: HBM) mining operations.

Even in the bear market, investors have rewarded discovery!


We’ve seen other high-quality names double from exploration news – in fact, it’s small stocks like Callinex that give this industry luster. With only 47.6 million shares outstanding and a market capitalization of around $15 million, CNX is the stock to research right now.

The bear market in resource stocks was brutal, setting up a new bull market that will be just as spectacular to early investors, in my opinion.

In mining, the people who are running the companies are more important than anything else, and in CNX’s case, we have the projects, the capital, and the best possible management team. With ultra-successful investors like Carlo Civelli and a mining legend like Mike Muzylowski, this is the exact type of opportunity we want to be looking at right now.

Mr. Civelli has financed about 24 small companies that later went on to become billion-dollar giants. Currently, according to Mr. Civelli, CNX is one of his favorite positions. Last year, CNX made news when he accepted their invitation to serve as the head of their advisory board.

Bargain Shares: Only 32 Cents!

At 32 cents a share, I consider CNX a “seize the moment” opportunity for our subscribers. I strongly suggest you research this stock today and call your adviser to see if Callinex Mines fits into your overall portfolio strategy.


Daniel Ameduri

10 Key Reasons Why I Am Recommending Shares of CNX

  1. Mike Muzylowski has been involved in 16 discoveries that went on to be producing mines and 50 years of experience in the region.
  2. CNX projects are near HudBay and they are starving for more resources in the area. This puts CNX and its projects at the top of their buyout list.
  3. Pine Bay is an advanced project and further exploration and results will happen this year!
  4. Legendary Investor Carlo Civelli, who has been an early investor in 12 companies that went on to become billion dollar market caps, is both an investor and the Chairman of their advisory board.
  5. Shares are just 30 cents!
  6. A new CEO has just taken over. Max Porterfield has a reputation in Vancouver for getting things done!
  7. I think their Island Lake gold project is a potential lottery ticket!
  8. Resource stocks are the only bargain in the markets today.
  9. The world needs copper and zinc, and specifically from safe mining jurisdictions like Canada. Do you really trust supplies from Russia, Ukraine, and Africa?
  10. With global currency devaluation, I want to own hard assets like CNX who have real copper-zinc deposits to back up every single share!

Share Disclosure: I, Daniel Ameduri, President of, currently own 256,000 shares of CNX. This is a long position, and I won’t consider selling a single share until the stock doubles.



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