Hold Physical Gold And Silver – The End Is Near; Just Not In Sight

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  • me at home

    looks like you called the weakness correctly, so far, Michael.

    $1000 gold & $14 silver look like perfect targets on the charts… for a november bottom and turnaround.

    gold-silver ratio would peak at around 70-ish, which also looks like where the GSratio chart is heading (currently the barometer signalling this deflationary phase.)

    i want as much PMs as i can stuff in my underpants, so these levels would be really nice!

  • Henry James Garner

    You put a kilo of Au in your ‘underpants’/ ‘panties’ best of Irish luck to you.

  • Margaret

    What happened to Mr. Fibonacci and Mr. Elliot? I don’t believe in catching a falling knife.

  • jim

    Agree with your chart interpretation. But this is paper gold and silver. It is not real. It is counting the number of angels on the head of a pin.

  • Paul

    The bankers can push paper silver/gold to $0. But the physical is a different story.

  • Faithful_Watchman

    I’ve always considered a nice sale offered by the wretched Banksters when they force gold and silver down. When it drops I happily gobble up what I can afford and eagerly await my next opportunity to purchase what I can.

    I say SCREW the Banksters! Those predators have now become my prey.

  • Syrin

    So when in the hell will the physical price separate from the paper price? I’m tired of these massive paper dumps driving down the price of my physical which is high demand.

  • Saved4Glory