Gold And Silver Intraday Charts Evidence Of Manipulation

These are the Intraday gold and silver price movements for the month of January. The charts show the average price of gold (first chart) and silver (second chart) per 2-minute tick of every trading day in January 2015. The average price in each of these 2-minute ticks is displayed in the chart.

When observing these charts, it is obvious to derive a couple of conclusions, as explained below the charts.




First, the gold and silver price are clearly set in the COMEX futures market. The charts are evidence how the price is moved considerably higher during the NY Trading, which coincides with activity at the COMEX. This should not come as a surprise, it is only a confirmation of what we have said many times before (courtesy of Ted Butler and Dimitri Speck). Mind that the price in January was pushed primarily higher, so manipulation goes in both directions.

Second, and even more important, Ed Steer points in his daily newsletter (GSD daily) to the fact that gold and silver have very different fundamentals and drivers, at least in the real world. “What you have here are two precious metals, both of which have mostly different supply/demand fundamentals, but their average chart price patterns are identical, with rallies in both beginning exactly at, or within a few minutes of, the noon London silver fix. How is this possible in a free market, you ask?  Well, the fact of the matter is that it is not!”

The fact that two assets with totally different fundamentals can move simultaneously is very odd, at least if one looks at it from a real world perspective. And that is the clue of manipulation: gold and silver prices are largely disconnected from the real world, they are simply the result of speculative trading.


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