Amazing Chart: Silver To Start A Huge Rally?

A lot of analysts use the gold to silver price ratio in their writings. We are only occasionally using that ratio, mainly because it is not a technical or timing indicator. Rather, we look at it as a long term trend indicator.

The 2-decade chart of the gold to silver ratio has reached the upper border of its range (the 80ish area). Here is the most interesting fact: each time the ratio has reached those upper borders, a trend change has taken place, which implied that the silver price started rising sharply.

The chart below is amazing according to us. It indicates the gold to silver ratio with the yellow dotted line (right axis), and the silver price with the grey line (left axis).

Note how silver started a huge rally, both in 2003 and 2008, when the gold to silver ratio reached the upper border of its long term range.


Are we about to experience a similar rally now?

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