The Average Amount of Gold Sold Monthly

The gold market has been continuously booming over the past few years. The demand of gold has been significantly increasing and can be traced back hundreds of years. Nowadays, the demand is going higher and higher in tandem with the price. Understanding the price of gold saves you from losing money and increases your chance of profit. Buying gold isn’t as easy as eating a piece of cake. There are a lot of things to be considered despite the benefit that it brings. Looking back at everything, how much gold is bought and sold really in a month?


The amount of gold that is bought and sold every month cannot exactly be predicted as some people want to keep their purchases private, but there are estimations available based on evidences presented. The estimated monthly volume of gold transaction is somewhere over 6 billion dollars. The amount is likely to go higher form one month to another especially when the stock market is unpredictable. The price of gold sold is based on the current spot amount which is constantly changing since gold is viewed as the one of the most precious metals because of its properties.


People have a mindset that owning good is a representation of how wealthy they are, thus they purchase gold from time to time which increases the amount of gold being sold and bought. It’s capable of protecting investors against inflation and financial turmoil. The purchasing power of gold stays relatively constant as people encounter it almost every day, and as long as the dollar depreciates, the price of gold will likely go higher and gold transactions will likely rise as well.


The price of gold is constantly changing, and as it changes, the amount of gold being bought and sold fluctuates as well. Despite the speculations surrounding it, gold keeps its place as the most popular investment among all precious metals. It has been a symbol of value of wealth for the past centuries and the tag will not change over the coming years.

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