Silver Imbedded Keyboard Can be Cleaned in the Dishwasher

The first backlit, rigid plastic, waterproof keyboard constructed with silver-based antimicrobial protection to limit transmission of germs, bacteria and mold is now available, according to WetKeys Washable Keyboards, an Atlanta, Georgia-based company.

The Silver Seal Glow keyboard uses waterproof LED lighting adjustable in 3 levels to backlight keys, making it useful for low-light environments such as operating suites, laboratories and hospital wards. The keyboard is completely submersible, and can be cleaned using healthcare grade disinfectants, or even in an automatic dishwasher, officials say.

They cite studies showing that up to 25 percent of hospital keyboards are contaminated with the Super Bug MRSA, a strain of staph bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Daily disinfecting of computer keyboards can reduce risk of cross contamination. Although most keyboards are not designed for frequent cleaning with disinfectants, WetKeys waterproof keyboards are completely washable, and the new Silver Seal keyboard is not only washable but also imbedded with silver ions that inhibit bacterial growth.

“Nosocomial infections are typically transmitted via cross contamination from touch surfaces, such as computer keyboards and peripherals, and these components require special attention for disinfection and cleaning,” said Paul Lawrence, CEO of WetKeys, in a prepared statement. “Most computer keyboards won’t stand up to the kind of cleaning required to stop the spread of bacteria. That’s why healthcare providers come to WetKeys for washable keyboards. With the addition of the Silver Seal Glow, we can now provide a hard plastic traditional-feel keyboard that’s also backlit for use in low-light settings and offers excellent infection control.”

The company also offers waterproof, washable mice, touchpads and handheld device covers, some with silver.



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