Interactive Infographic: 10 Countries With Highest Gold Reserves

The website of released an interactive infographic with some interesting facts and figures about the ten countries which hold the highest gold reserves in the world. A year ago, the same site released details on the top gold mining countries.

According to, “countries hold gold as a precaution to safeguard themselves against inflation, loans, debt and economic disasters. The total gold holding globally was just under 32,000 tonnes in the summer of 2014.”

Some of the very interesting facts and figures provided by the infographic:

  • China is the world’s number one in the gold jewellery market and accounts for 30% of the world’s demand.
  • Russia increased their gold by 16.8 tonnes in june, using gold as a safe haven ready for a long geo-political standoff with the USA.
  • America’s gold production is valued at $12.6 billion (around £7.5billion).
  • The Banca d’Italia is the world’s third largest official holder of gold after the U.S. and Germany.

Readers are invited to explore the interactive infographic in more detail:


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