Infographic: The Many Phases Of Silver

Silver is the most useful, undervalued, yet essential of all precious metals.Below is the 1st installment of a free 4 part InfoGraphic Series on Silver’s fundamentals.

Like the moon, silver has many phases and is the most dynamic of the precious metals. Its dynamic properties give it the most uses of any metal, which include those in commerce, health and industry. In its first phase, silver acted as a monetary metal. The infographic below describes how the Persian empire, the Greek and Roman empires had used silver in their economic and monetary system. In the second phase, silver was a health metal. In phase 3, silver played a role as an industrial metal; today, silver has thousands of uses.

This informative series was made possible by (recommended bullion service provider with an excellent offering and service). The 4 parts will be released on a monthly basis through the end of Q1 2015.

Silver Series Part

Silver Series Part

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