Infographic Explains Swiss Gold Referendum In Comprehensive Way

This infographic, courtesy of VisualCapitalist, nicely summarizes the upcoming Gold Referendum in Switzerland: Why is it important, what is at stake, why it could be a game changer and trend change. It also puts the Swiss gold reserves into perspective and compares, in relative terms, how Switzerland has much more gold per capita than any other country. However, it used to be an even bigger holder of the yellow metal. In 2000, the SNB held 2,500 tonnes of gold and it has also been the biggest national seller since.

We reported earlier this week some comments from Claudio Grass, Managing Director at Global Gold Switzerland, based on the recent national debate on Swiss TV. Mr. Grass noted that the authorities are increasingly showing a “need” to use the government owned TV stations to push the message that the gold backing would be a big mistake. He feels that authorities are becoming increasingly nervous. He added to it that the propaganda has been very intense and that government has done a lot of defend their current monetary policy, trying to make people understand that a “yes” vote would be wrong.

In exactly one week, on November 30th, the results of the referendum will be there.



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