FT Removes Article “Gold Price Rigging Fears Put Investors On Alert”

In an article published on Sunday, a Financial Times editor explains how the London Gold Fix could be structurally manipulated. An important “break through” for a mainstream media outlet to release this type of info, as it is a confession that the last market standing (gold and silver) is also manipulated, after having evidence that almost every other market appears to be manipulated (think of LIBOR, energy markets, aluminium, currency markets, credit derivatives, and so on).

In a myserious way, however, the article disappeared shortly after getting published. Too late for Google’s spider who already registered the article in its memory.


Google’s cache still has the article available. For archiving purposes, we release it through the screenshots below:

FT_article_PartI FT_article_PartII FT_article_PartIII

Courtesy of GATA for bringing this to our attention (source).

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