Europe’s Weight In Gold and Silver

Gold, and silver, have always been valuable. Through upturns in fiat currency, downturns in commodities, and everything in between, the precious metals have always been a useful indicator and base level for the worth of things internationally.

Far from being the hallmark of huge institutions, like the Federal Reserve, you can take advantage of the evergreen currency to secure your own ‘reserve’.

Why Use Gold?

There have been few occasions where government has been criticized for keeping hold of gold reserves. Quite apart from it, in fact, with the British government panned for selling back in 2002.

There has never been a better time in fact, with measures over the world being taken up that can threaten your ‘liquid’ cash flow. Over in Europe, there has been legislation introduced as the EU attempt to prevent bank runs that threatens your ability to withdraw your own cash in the event of adverse economic conditions.

How Can You Invest?

If you are already struggling to withdraw the entirety of your cash supplies from the bank under restrictive legislation, the economics show that it’s worth taking beneficial loans to obtain lump sums to invest in gold; see this Norwegian example as illustration.

You may also be tempted to look into cryptocurrency as a way of making small wagers that can increase in value and, ultimately raise capital. Many vendors now accept cryptocurrency.

The Benefits To You

The theory behind establishing a gold reserve is well-established. You can diversify your portfolio, ensure against future fluctuations and have a nest egg on which to build investment.

In Europe and the USA, however, the policies of the ECB are giving great hope for gold investors. The policy of asset procurement over in the EU is creating a great demand for gold and as a result prices are high and continue to rise.

Taking consideration also of the effects of 2016’s Brexit vote, NBC reported that silver and gold hit a two-year high after the vote as a result of speculation of the performance on the pound. With the EU facing challenges from France and the Netherlands, Trump in power and Brexit rumbling on, the level of uncertainty is proving a boon to the price of the age-old precious metal.

Gold is not the archaic measure of worth you might think it is! Despite decades of fiat currencies taking the lead, exemplified by 2002’s British selloff of gold, the worldwide political and economic shakeup we’re going through is bring it back to the fore.

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