The Most Awaited Bullion Releases of 2017

Whether you prefer gold as the “king monetary metal” or silver due to its greater upside potential in percentage, 2017 brings you the most notable bullion releases. This year, some mints continued their first-class excellence by issuing their world-famous coins and bars while other ones surprised their collectors with exclusive precious metal pieces. Let’s take a look at the most eagerly awaited 2017 bullion issues which you should definitely follow up.

Undoubtedly, the American Eagle series from the US Mint is among the most highly anticipated coin releases of each year. Being the official US bullion coins, the Eagles embody the greatest American traditions of freedom, patriotism, and equality. These tremendously popular coins are true best-sellers, accounting 984,500 ounces sold by the end of 2016 – the highest sale since 2011.

The 2017 Eagles are regarded as essential additions to any portfolio due to their legendary design. The Silver American Eagle depicts the graceful profile figure of Lady Liberty as confidently moving towards the sunlight and holding a laurel oak in her hand (obverse), along with the majestic heraldic eagle (reverse). The Gold American Eagle displays on its obverse the standing figure of Lady Liberty with an olive branch in her left hand and a fiery torch in her right hand while walking in front of the Capitol building and the rising sun. On its reverse, it features the male bald eagle carrying an olive branch to its female and hatchlings.

The unchanged design of these remarkable pieces makes them highly liquid and easy to be traded. Collectors and investors all over the world are aware of their exceptional quality and purity – the silver coin is struck from .999 fine silver and the gold one from .9167 pure gold (22K). Moreover, the BU American Eagles are eligible to be included in Precious Metals IRA-Accounts which makes them a perfect option for your retirement savings.

Being also available in rolls and monster boxes, the American Eagle coins are one of the best options to invest in bulk, if you prefer coins over bars. The 2017 brilliant uncirculated gold and silver eagles will reach the industry market at the end of January, while their proof and burnished versions, as well as the platinum coin, will be issued according to US Mint’s schedule.

Besides, the American Eagles are one of the few collectibles which are offered in a large range of certified options, including PCGS FDOI, First Strike and NGC Early Releases, all displayed in cases with various labels, such as the 225th Anniversary, Flag, Liberty, Retro and many others. Thus, if you prefer highly graded certified coins over mint encapsulated issues, the American Eagles are an excellent choice.



Another greatly appreciated yearly release is the landmark Maple Leaf series from the Royal Canadian Mint, whose 2017 issues are already available to be purchased. The Silver and Gold Maple Leafs are sought-after collectibles due to their classic design depicting the iconic maple leaf – the internationally recognized symbol of the Canadian spirit. The obverse side of these renowned coins displays the latest effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Both silver and gold Maple Leafs are made from .9999 fine precious metal, being among the few bullion coins with such high purity. Just like American Eagles, the Canadian Maple Leafs are also IRA-Approved.


However, the unique features that make these coins beloved by numismatists around the globe are their exclusive bullion security enhancements: the radial line light-diffracting background pattern, the micro-engraved privy mark containing the last two digits of the issue year, and the Bullion DNA anti-counterfeiting technology. Thanks to these bullion innovations, the Maple Leaf coins are considered as extremely hard to be counterfeited, making many investors choose them over other popular options.

The Canadian Maple Leaf coins are also available in several sizes and denominations, with various privy marks, in rolls and monster boxes, certified options, as well as enclosed in mint assay cards – a great choice for any savvy numismatist.


The most sensational release of 2017 comes from the prestigious South African Mint. Celebrating 50 years since the introduction of the famous Krugerrand series, the mint issued its  50th Gold Krugerrand coin which showcases the well-known profile portrait of Paul Kruger on the obverse and the graceful Springbok antelope on the reverse. Being the first 22K gold bullion coins released on the market in 1967, Gold Krugerrands are an iconic addition and an industry trademark of bullion excellence, especially due to their recognizable design and impressive history.

But, in 2017, the SA Mint surprises its fans with the exclusive 50th-anniversary editions – the first-ever Platinum and Silver Krugerrands, bearing the same design but carrying the special 50th-anniversary privy mark. The platinum piece comes in proof finish, made from .9999 pure platinum, while the silver coin is produced from .999 fine silver and comes in BU and proof quality. These precious pieces are a unique chance to own exclusive bullion coins issued by a prominent mint, so don’t miss the opportunity to collect them as they come with low mintage limits.


For numismatists who prefer exclusive collectibles, the British Royal Mint delights its followers in 2017 with the second releases in the astonishing Queen’s Beast series – now available on the market. Both gold and silver issues display the next Queen’s Beast, the Griffin of Edward III, powerfully clutching a shield with its claws and its wings widespread to the sky. The griffin is an ancient mythical beast, considered as the symbol of strength and courage, as well as diligence and protection. The shield depicts the Round Tower of Windsor Castle, which is the place where Edward III was born, along with the Royal Standard flying from the turret, enclosed by two oak branches surmounted by the royal crown. The obverse side showcases the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Due to its historical design and incredibly detailed depiction of the beasts that stood guard at the Queen’s coronation, these breathtaking coins are highly collectible, as the first edition went quickly out of sale in 2016. The Silver Queen Beast coin consists of 2 oz. of .9999 fine silver, while the Gold Queen Beast contains 1 troy ounce of .9999 pure gold. The coins are also available in rolls and monster boxes which make them an excellent option for large investments.


One more highly awaited coin issue in 2017 is also the loveliest bullion coin series on the precious metal market. Each year, coin fans all around the world are amazed by the latest Gold and Silver Panda coins depicting a brand-new image of the beloved Giant Panda Bear. The 2017 editions of this renowned series feature the iconic panda bear clutching a bamboo stick, engraved on a bamboo forest background. The famous Temple of Heaven from Beijing is displayed on their obverse sides. The yearly changing reverse design of these dazzling coins makes them highly desired pieces and must-haves for any collection. Also, because they have low mintage limits, the Panda coins usually sell out very quickly, so be sure to grab your piece before it gets out of stock.

A specific feature of these impressive coins is that they carry gram weights rather than ounce sizes. This change occurred in 2016 when the mint decided to adopt the gram standard in order to attract more collectors. Therefore, the 30-gram coin is considered the equivalent of the 1 oz. coin, yet it is still smaller than the standard (1oz. = 31.1035 gr.). This is critical to keep in mind if you prefer to own bullion measured in ounces rather than grams.

The 30 gr. Chinese Silver Panda is produced from .999 fine silver and comes with a 10 Yuan face value while the 30 gr. Chinese Gold Panda is made from .999 fine gold and has a 500 Yuan denomination. The mint also offers these fantastic coins in various sizes, as well as in proof quality – an excellent gift option for any numismatist.


If you are searching for a more personalized bullion gift, 2017 brings you the latest issue of the internationally praised Lunar series from the Australian Perth Mint. Being one of the most popular and eagerly anticipated series on the collectibles market, the mint already issued the 10th releases in the famous Gold and Silver Lunar Series II, depicting the fantastic rooster – the 2017 symbol according to the Chinese calendar.

The Gold Lunar Year of the Rooster Coin showcases a magnificent rooster standing amidst a Chinese field featuring leaves and bamboo, while the Silver Lunar Year of the Rooster Coin depicts a rooster, a hen and their three chicks displayed on a background of bamboo foliage and flowers.

People who are born under this sign are considered as being honest and hardworking, as well as loyal and sociable. Therefore, the Perth Lunar Rooster coins are perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversary and weddings, as well as must-have additions for numismatists who collect the entire series. Both coins have a .9999 precious metal fineness and a very low mintage limit, which increases their collectability. Available in several sizes and denominations, and also coming in proof finish and certified editions, the Chinese Panda coins are another excellent investment choice for you.


Some prefer to invest particularly in coins instead of bars. They opt for these bullion pieces mostly because coins are legal tender and have face values (except for Gold Krugerrands) and are guaranteed by the governments which produce them. Yet their real value is driven by their metal content, collectability and rarity. Coins are flexible, easy to store, trade and part-sell. Since there is an abundance of designs, their aesthetics can be a decisive factor when choosing the best among all. Also, coins can accrue numismatic value which may significantly increase the original investment. These are one of the few reasons which make the above 2017 coin releases highly popular and desired on the market.

However, investing solely in coins has disadvantages, too. Coins typically don’t come with certificates and their premium is generally higher because of their collectability and rarity. Coins can create massive storage headaches, particularly if making large investments in silver coins. Besides, coins that have a purity less than 24K can be difficult to be evaluated, especially if they come in fractional sizes. Also, sometimes, same weights from various brands come with different dimensions, making them hard to be stored or stacked.

This is why other investors prefer bars over coins because they are easier to own in bulk sizes since they are compact and simple to store, stack, and transfer. Bars have lower premiums than coins and very high purity, giving you the chance to own as much precious metal as possible at the lowest price. For this reason, they are usually preferred by large-scale investors who want to quickly build a long-lasting financial portfolio.

If you are interested in bars rather than coins, PAMP Suisse offers you a wonderful alternative. The bullion bars produced by PAMP Suisse are undeniably the most popular ingots on the bullion market and their Chinese Zodiac themed silver and gold bars are an amazing artwork, making them an exceptional choice either as an investment or as a gift.

The 2017 1 oz. PAMP Suisse Year of the Rooster bars, struck from silver and gold, feature the same design showcasing a prominent rooster standing boldly, with its handsome wattle inflated as it crows while looking over its right shoulder with its comb high in the air. The same design motif is depicted on both sides of the bars. According to the Chinese culture, the rooster is the symbol of financial prosperity, new beginning, and great self-assurance, so these bars are treasured keepsakes for investors who prefer to invest in bulk but also admire an exquisite bullion craftsmanship.

The silver ingot is made from .999 fine silver, while the gold piece is produced from .9999 pure gold. The PAMP’s Year of the Rooster bars come in a great variety of weights and also in boxes of 25 pieces. Each bar is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, which is another advantage of investing in bars vs. coins.

But keep in mind that bars do not have the same collectability factor as coins do and they do not carry face values. This means that bars cannot be used in enforceable private contracts of sale or purchase. Also, larger bars may be difficult to barter and you may need a refiner to liquidate them if you decide to sell. Storing large bars can also be difficult, so if you go for ingot investments, make sure you have a special and secure place to store them or opt for bar lots or breakable bars.


Among the 2017 highly anticipated issues are also considered the iconic Austrian Philharmonic Coin, Britannia Coin, Mexican Libertad, as well as the US Mint’s American Buffalo and ATB Silver Quarters, which include the Effigy Mounds National Monument (Iowa), Frederick Douglass National Historic Site (Washington, D.C.), Ozark National Scenic Riverways (Missouri), Ellis Island (Statue of Liberty National Monument) (New Jersey), and George Rogers Clark National Historical Park (Indiana).

2017 brings you several outstanding bullion releases which are definitely worthy to be owned. It’s up to you to decide whether to invest in gold or silver, coins or bars, or split your investments by choosing both of them. Before deciding which bullion piece to buy, you should measure your investment value, where you plan to store it, how long you want to keep it and its potential resale value. Sometimes small savings can result in lack of flexibility, so bear in mind your investment purposes. Just remember that any type of precious metal bullion is always a better investment than paper currency, so follow up this year’s issues to get the most desired pieces before they go out of sale.

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