Physical Gold: antidote against the ongoing global debt crisis

August 1st, 2012. In the midst of the summer doldrums with a gold price flirting with the $ 1600 level and a silver price around $27 per ounce, Claudio Grass recorded his view on today’s economic climate. He is the managing director at Global Gold in Switzerland.

In sum, Global Gold’s vision is that the Gold bull market still has a long way to go. The current economic climate provides the ideal conditions for a continuing rise in the Gold price. The view of Global Gold is influenced by the Austrian School of Economics. In their essay, they come to the following conclusions: savings and investment are the basis of a sound economy, not consumption and debt; values of currencies are declining and fiat money has no intrinsic value; today’s debt levels are unsustainable; physical Gold is the antidote against the ongoing global debt crisis.

Claudio Grass shares a wealth of information and insights. In close cooperation with GoldSilverWorlds, several content formats were created to share the message with the rest of the world. Please feel free to embed or link to the content. By doing so, you can help others understand today’s challenges and risks when it comes to protecting individual and professional assets. Every content piece has the following structure:

  • Introduction: Austrian vs Keynesian economics
  • The current macro-economic trends
  • Insights from monetary history
  • Current state of the gold market & why gold is not in a bubble
  • Different gold investment options & why to avoid paper gold
  • How Global Gold can help protect your future

Video presentation available on Youtube

You can chose between two video presentations :

Detailed paper available on Scribd

The written version of the video presentation has been made available on Scribd. It can be easily downloaded or shared via the embed code. The document counts 28 pages and contains detailed  insights and charts from the original (unedited) video presentation.

Podcast available on GoldSilverWorlds

People who love podcasts have an audio only version at their disposal (length: 50 minutes). It goes quite into detail but it’s still a shorter version than the original (unedited) video presentation. The podcast can be downloaded on this page on GoldSilverWorlds.

Written summary available on GoldSilverWorlds

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Physical Gold: antidote against the ongoing global debt crisis

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