Ingraphic: A Comprehensive View On Bitcoin

With so much attention surrounding the cryptocurrency, many people may be aware of the bitcoin revolution as it took hold of the Internet a few years ago. However, while they may have heard about how it spread and took hold, many are still not aware of how it works and what purpose it serves online.

Like any other product and currency, bitcoins have grown extensively in the last several years. With the potential for scams such as Ponzi schemes, and unregulated practices still occurring every day, there are still some problems that surround the practical use of bitcoins.

Due to the relative infancy of this type of currency, the future is very uncertain. While the current volatility is very large, and their value is tremendously unstable, many investors believe that eventually, bitcoins will even out in the future, and develop into a better-regulated form of currency.

The infographic below provides all mandatory insights for a basic understanding of bitcoin, courtesy of Stetson University’s Online Master of Accounting Degree:


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