Is Silver A Safe Investment

In today’s economy people are looking for new ways to make a little extra cash to make ends meet. There are numerous ways in which people are going about this and purchasing silver and gold is very high amongst people who truly understand the devastating effect of governments’ monetary policies on the purchasing power of our currencies.

It is common knowledge that gold is at a whole time high and with more and more shops opening on the high street where you can take in your old gold jewellery in exchange for cash. But the big question is when is silver going to bridge the gap and follow in gold’s footsteps?

The spot price between gold and silver has never been bigger and with most people witnessing the trend of gold then investors are starting to buy up as much silver as possible with the hope that the price of silver will rise in the coming months.

Did you know that you could buy an American Gold Eagle Bullion Coin with a price between $1,736.00 and $1,872.53? That is staggering when less than two years previous you could get the exact same coin for half the price. It is no wonder why so many people are willing to sell their old jewellery as you’re sure to get more cash per ounce for it.

Did you know that you can buy the silver version of the same American Eagle Bullion Coin for less than $35? That values the gold coin at 49.5 times the price of the silver coin which is profound. Having said all this then I’m in absolutely no doubt that this trend cannot continue and the price of silver will undoubtedly rise in the coming year(s).

Silver is absolutely a safe investment as there is simply no way that the silver spot price will go lower and if you’re looking at investing in anything in 2012-13 then silver in my eyes is one of the safest bets. The Money Observer mentions that in the 1970’s precious metals bull market that gold gained over 700 per cent but it was silver that gained the most at a staggering 1400 per cent and this is one of the biggest clues as to why there are more and more investors turning to silver in 2012 and this is set to increase in 2013.

There are plenty of websites where you can find silver coins for sale but please do your research as there are also many websites taking advantage of the high demand and selling fake coins so please do your research before investing.


Written by Mark Wilson – October 2012



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