The Worst Nightmare For Gold Bugs Only Got Started?

This article is as a guest post by Amanita Forecasting Service, which is amongst the top market timers around the world by “Timer Digest.” It contains a message that is not in line with the expectations of most gold bulls (the people behind Gold Silver Worlds included). Yet, there could be a significant truth in there. Besides, it puts the growing disconnect between the gold price and the monetary value of PHYSICAL gold in a relevant context. The article is in line with the latest trend we have reported, i.e. deflation. Amanita analyzes several solutions on how to handle the downside risk of the gold price but still benefit from the protective power of physical gold (for paid subscribers only). Source:

Already 6 months ago the premium subscribers of Amanita Market Forecasting were warned of gold. Also, the December 4, 2012 free Amanita newsletter (written in late November with gold near $1,750) already redflagged gold, by quoting: “The gold bugs don’t like to hear that but without doubt the precious metals are an ugly investment *today*…” I made this statement with – or in spite of? – my background of being perhaps the only forecaster who called the beginning of the gold market. In 2000 a multi-year bull market was projected to begin either in early April or May 2001 – as a matter of fact, it started on April 2, 2001.

In December 2012 this super-bearish gold call was corroborated in several interviews with European print media (see here).

On January 29, 2013 with gold trading just short of $1,700 I wrote in the protected premium area (2-5 updates a month on average): “While my assessment for the precious metals sector has deteriorated a lot the past months, my outlook now suggests the ultimate nightmare. […] the ‘trapdoor to hell’ is open & $500-$1,000 is not just realistic but likely. […] Maybe I am now one of the biggest gold bears on the planet, which is a huge caesura.“ This unprecedented warning was issued just in time, as the plunge started in February…

Since mid-2012 we had exactly 2 tactical LONG signals: the first was exited on the day of the bull market high 10/5/12 (all-time high in euro terms), the other at the retest high before the crash.

The Amanita gold signals beat buy-and-hold by 14.0% in 2012, which was enough to be ranked #2 by the rating agency „Timer Digest“ which monitors the leading market timers around the globe.

For many years I have stressed the paramount importance of the August 2013 timeline. This starts the 40 quarters of testing & purification of mankind until the summer of 2023: end times in the narrow sense of the word (in a wider sense the end times already started in 1972). Since 2012 the late March 2013 timeline has been discussed as a precursor for August 2013. The Cyprus bank robbery by the illuminati in late March indeed turned over a new leaf: for the first time since WW2 the industrial states have engaged in direct dispossession, instead of indirect confiscation through fiat money inflation. Another effect of this timeline was the coldest March (actually the entire beginning of the year) in large parts of Europe since records began.

What is the impact of the end times on the financial markets? They will change more in the coming years than in the past 60+ years in total. That’s why the time needed to participate in the financial markets will explode: while in the past 60+ years maybe 2- 3 hours were enough for hobby speculations, be prepared for a half-time employment in the future! That’s why everyone not being a financial professional should make a big decision in 2013: either go fully into the markets – or say good-bye to them altogether. I like the ship metaphor to demonstrate that: with fine weather (= the past 60+ years, in spite of dark clouds since 2008) you can set sail with a cockleshell, but when the sea is heavy (= the coming 10 years) you can’t go without the best ship & best crew you can find.

The coming decade marks the biggest investment plight in 5,000 years. From 2013 on you only have the ‘choice’ between bad, ugly & preposterously ugly investments. Satisfying or even good investment choices will no longer exist, let alone a ‘safe haven’. That’s why from August 2013 on you should only trade the best financial instruments, especially futures & FOREX. Holders of retail instruments (warrants, but also ETFs/ ETNs, certificates) could face a total loss, as already in 2008 with securities issued by Lehman.

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