Royal Mint Stimulating Gold Investing

With gold sentiment standing at 20 on a scale to 100, according to Sentimentrader, it is clear that the precious metals sector needs some sort of stimulus which is visibly not coming from higher prices in the short run. The Royal Mint is taking steps in that direction by launching a new trading website. By doing so, The Royal Mint is opening its services to a broader public. The website is running at; one could compare it with the well known names like GoldMoney and BullionVault, but specialized in gold coin investing.

The flagship coin of is The Sovereign, struck in 22 carat gold. Britannia coins are available in either 999.9 fine gold (24 carat) or 999 fine silver, and the UK’s newest Bullion coin, the Lunar coin, is also struck in either 999.9 fine gold (24 carat) or 999 fine silver.

Customers can have the coins delivered to their home. They can also opt to store them in “the vault”, the Royal Mint’s on-site storage facility, which is protected by the Ministry of Defence.

From Telegraph:

It is hoped that the website will convince everyday investors to buy bullion coins struck in gold or silver directly from the Royal Mint, after previously being put off by the complexity of investing. A spokesman for the Royal Mint said it wanted to expand into the British market.

Shane Bissett, its director of commemorative coin and bullion, said: “Where the average consumer may have shunned gold due to perceived complexities, the Royal Mint can help make this option a much more accessible opportunity.

“We want to help expand the bullion market in the UK, particularly as coins offer a relatively affordable introduction, and believe we are well placed to do so.

“The quality of our bullion coins is of an extremely high standard which cannot be rivalled.

“We have been a highly respected and trusted source of coins for kings, queens and governments for more than 1,000 years, and this proud heritage means that we are globally recognised as a reliable source for bullion coins.”


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