Global Uprising, Refugees and Gold

This interview is based on an interview with Claudio Grass, Managing Director, Global Gold, who lives in Switzerland and has a birds eye view of the events unfolding in Europe, the Middle East, and beyond. Courtesy of The Daily Coin.

Claudio does a marvelous job of introducing some of the history and development that has lead to the events in Syria, Paris and the Middle East. How is this effecting the everyday citizen, in Switzerland and Europe, with the flood of refugees coming into Europe. How are the Swiss handling this situation and what are the implications of the Paris attacks?

Claudio Grass does a marvelous job combining historic events and wisdome with actual trends. That said, he mentions that Europe has been the setting for the previous two world wars, and the people of Europe are well versed in how the current state of affairs could very easily escalate into a third world war at their doorstep.

Some of his excellent quotes from the interview:

“We know that the Mujahedeens and the Talibans were financed by the Americans and the Pakistan ISIS during the fight in Afghanistan against the Russians.”

“Regarding recent attacks, you often hear that people think that they are coming because they cannot stand our freedom, but the truth is really different.”

“All this will lead to a further destabilization of the Eurozone, it will lead to a more totalitarian state, people will start screaming for security.”

“This system is becoming totalitarian. It has to be financed. The more you take away the liberty of people, the longer you can extend such a system which is basically up to destruction. But this system is going to crash anyway.”

“The outcome in the Western world is that the people will ultimately be impoverished.”

“The total credit is huge, the dollar as a world reserve currency will be over in the future. The only way you really can protect yourself is by hard assets. When totalitarian states become worse, and governments come after your wealth, you should make sure to have your hard assets in safe jurisdictions.”

With Switzerland being the “gold refinery of the world”, refining some 70% of all gold in the world, it would be a mistake not to find out what is happening with the gold market from Claudio’s perspective.

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