David Morgan About Owning Hard Money: You Want To Be Too Early

In this video interview, David Morgan talks to Greg Hunter about his prospects for 2014 for Silver & Gold. Morgan believes that 2014 will be a better year for both metals. However, he is not “exceedingly bullish” on the metals, except in case a black swan were to take place (which is when you could get limit-up days in the metals “and never look back”).

David Morgan has a firm idea about the Federal Reserve. He says:

“I think they are really having more sleepless nights than they portend. . . . When there is a panic selloff in the bond market, and I think this will happen at some point, when there is a panic sell off and they have to stop bond trading . . . when there are nothing but sell orders, you’ve got a market crash.”

Related to the stock market, Morgan is very prudent as he warns that insiders are already out of the market. He believes the general public is mostly being invested right now. When the general market goes down, it should be favorable for gold.”

David Morgan is a hard money enthusiast. He believes that the global financial system is at a place it has never been before. He says:

“It is very difficult to forecast how the financial system will unravel. But, unravel it will.
This is why I am such an advocate of hard money, gold and physical silver. You want to be early. You don’t want to be late.”

The forecast for the gold and silver price in 2014? Morgan bets on $30 to $34 silver and $1,700 gold by the end of 2014.

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