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We are introducing a new opportunity for our readers to get closer to the experts that are contributing to best-in-class insights on GoldSilverWorlds. Readers and subscribers now can ask their questions about precious metals to top experts, who have one or several decades of experience in different areas of precious metals investing.

roni_stoeferleRonald Stoeferle is the first expert who is featured. He has made fame across the globe with his excellent In Gold We Trust reports. After a long career as an analyst at Erste Bank in Austria, Stoeferle is now managing partner at Incrementum AG in Liechtenstein.

We have featured several articles from Ronald Stoeferle, each one containing exceptional insights. This is a non-exhaustive list which contains the most important pieces over the last 12 monhs:

  • June 2014: Gold Price Relative To Monetary Base At All-Time Low. The summary of In Gold We Trust 2014 which covers literally ALL aspects relevant to precious metals and investing. It contains a long term price forecast based on a model with fundamental and monetary parameters.
  • January 2014: Inflation vs Deflation – Monetary Tectonics In 25 Amazing Charts. The second chartbook from Incrementum which explains the war between between inflation and deflation, based on more than 30 monetary charts. This is a unique set of charts and makes an otherwise very complex and intransparent topic rather easy to understand.
  • September 2013: Gold Bull & Debt Bear Market In 50 Amazing Charts by Incrementum. The first chartbook from Incrementum which shows how the debt situation is spiraling out of control. Gold is inversely correlated with debt, so a great number of charts conclude that the correction in gold should be seen as mid-term trend in a secular bull market.

Grab this opportunity to get in touch with Ronald Stoeferle and ask the question(s) which are top of your mind.We will select all relevant questions and release Stoeferle’s answers on September 18th. Think of questions related to:

  • central bank policy
  • Austrian economics
  • recent gold price weakness
  • gold miners
  • etc

Simply send your question(s) before September 12th to goldsilverworlds at

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