Gold ratios: Dow Jones to Gold Price ratio, Gold vs US Dollar rate

On this page, you’ll find the most important long term ratio’s related to the gold and silver prices. Comparing the gold or silver price to another asset is a great way to create an understanding of true value. The long term charts indicate the strength of this bull market. The Dow Jones to gold ratio is a perfect example which shows the evolution of long term cycles. The wise lesson in these charts: the trend is your friend. We are able to present these charts thanks to Goldchartsrus:

The Dow Jones to gold ratio, from 1970 till 2012

The long term Dow Jones to gold ratio, from 1900 till 2012

The very long term gold to silver ratio, from 1344 till 2012

The gold versus US dollar ratio, from 1970 till 2012

The US dollar purchasing power versus the gold price, from 1774 till 2012


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