The Gold Price Recovery

We know gold is in a historic bull market because: A) Western governments have taken on huge debts and unfunded liabilities that cannot be paid back with sound, honest money (“real money,” gold, rises as a result). And B) the relatively poor countries of Asia are growing richer. They have a centuries-old cultural affinity for gold and silver. And they are buying huge amounts of gold.

These “big drivers” have allowed gold to register 11 consecutive years of higher prices. Despite that historic run, there are many skeptics of gold and its bull market. Although these skeptics have been wrong for years, they gleefully claimed the gold bull market was dead in late 2011. But as you can see from today’s chart, gold is recovering from its 2011 correction… and closing in on one of its recent highs of $1,800 per ounce.

The West is still piling up unfunded obligations… Asia is still buying… And the ignorant bears are still wrong.

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