Takedown in Gold Price today Rejected

Take a look at the following 5 minute chart and note especially the volume readings posted below each individual price bar. Look just past the 5:00 AM Pacific time hour and you will see the enormous volume spike accompanying the sharp downdraft that occured in the gold price dropping it $15 in the course of minutes. Analysts are still grasping for an explanation.

The most common is that it was another one of those “fat fingered trades”. Have you ever noticed how many fat fingered human beings apparently camp out in the trading community. Last time I checked a skinny finger could hit an “enter” key just as easily as a fat finger could.

My view on this is that gold’s psychology changed late last week as it begin seeing some seriously interested buyers whose entrance back on the long side was able to take it up through a minor chart resistance level near $1650 and set it on a course to test overhead resistance at $1680, a key chart level. That is a no-no in the world of the Western Central Banks who cannot tolerate this rebellious upstart of a metal telegraphing to the entire world the failure of their attempts to paper over the problems ailing both Western Europe as the US.

That called forth reinforcements to take the price lower to try to corral the unruly upstart and put it back into the box. As you can see, the selling was met with more buying that completely erased the losses and then added some more gains for good measure.

We are right back to being in position to try to tackle $1680 again. Weakness in the mining shares however is working once again to dampening excitement in the actual metal.

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