Silver Quietly Sneaking Higher

Silver has managed to rally right to the top of its consolidation pattern without any fanfare and I should add, the participation of a great deal of managed money flows. In other words, without the benefit of the momentum crowd. Call it a type of stealth rally.

I find this very interesting as it is occuring against the backdrop of rising Treasury yields and a rising equity market. Clearly, for whatever the reason, something seems to be occurring on this inflation front that is moving below the radar screen of many investors. Could silver be sniffing out the first whiff of an inflation play?

Take a look at the following chart and note that the shorter term moving averages, the 10 day and the 20 day, are now trading either ABOVE the longer term 50 day or near par with it. This is a big change that has not been seen on this chart since early March of this year! That is quite astonishing! Keep in mind that hedge funds, while they remain overall net longs, have drastically reduced that position and had actually been adding some fairly large short bets. Even with that, someone is buying this metal and very quietly pushing it higher.

Let’s keep a very close eye on this as it could portend a strong upside move if it can solidly clear the overhead resistance noted on this chart, especially if it does that to end a week of trade.


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