Notes on today’s Silver Chart

Silver is responding to the “Free Money” environment being maintained by the Fed to keep the US economy limping along as it shot higher when the Dollar dropped lower and fell below the 79 level on the USDX chart.It is once again knocking on the door of a heretofore very stubborn level of chart resistance that begins at today’s high and extends into the region just north of $35. If silver is going to mount a breakout move and start a trend higher, the bulls must beat back the selling that is going to come in at this level. If they do, they have a very good shot at a rather quick move to $40.Downside support is coming in from dip buyers who are currently attracted to the metal near $33.

Turning to the Dollar chart, note that the price has now decisively broken down below chart support at the 79 level.

Author: Trader Dan, specialized in commodities like gold & silver

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