Jim Sinclair about yesterday’s action in gold & silver: mainstream entities will now enter gold market

With gold and silver exploding to the upside on the Fed announcement, today King World News interviewed legendary Jim Sinclair, to get his take on where things are headed. Sinclair told KWN he now expects mainstream entities to enter the gold market. Here is what Sinclair had to say: “Today is an important day. There are many days we talk but this is a mile-marker. What the Fed did today is they turned on the light of what will be QE to infinity. Today the light went on with regards to the intentions of the Fed. They did that for very specific reasons, we have troubles people can’t see and this is one of the ways out.”

“The announcement itself is a game-changer because of the way this game is going to change, Eric. I think you are going to see a very significant change amongst investors, corporations and companies with extra capital and people of the mainstream. You’re going to find gold being accepted as a hedge against what’s going on by entities, that up to now, you would think would be the last ones to be buying gold. How about someone like General Electric?

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