Gold’s Rise Will Shock Market Participants This Year

With gold trading roughly $30 higher and silver breaking solidly above the $34 level, today King World News interviewed John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist of the $10 billion strong Sprott Asset Management, to get his take on where he sees gold and silver headed from here. Embry told KWN this will be, by far, the strongest year for gold during this entire bull market. Here is what Embry had to say about the situation: “The fact that sentiment is so poor with gold at these levels just indicates that people don’t realize what’s really unfolding. I think the price action to begin the year has been exemplary. It was interesting as gold was getting a head of steam going last week, out comes that bogus jobs report that led to the one day reversal in gold and silver.”

John Embry continues: I still believe this is all just a precursor to what will be the finest year we’ve ever had in this bull market. The best up year, so far, in this gold bull was 36% and I would be surprised if that number were not obliterated this year. This will continue to be a very strong year for the precious metals and it will leave many market participants shocked.”

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