Gold Chart 3 April 2012

Gold managed to claw its way back above important technical resistance near the $1680 level in today’s trade and is thus far holding above that number, albeit just barely. The market needs to push away from $1680 with some conviction and demonstrate that it can attract enough buyers at this level to take it firmly up and then through $1700. If it can do that, we have a solid shot at the $1720 level.

If it fails to sustain its footing above $1680, it will fall back within the recent trading range that it has been carving out with the bottom down near $1650 – $1640.

By the way, the Dollar continues to sink and unless it can recapture the 79 level immediately, it looks like it is heading for a test of support down near 78. Note that all of the shorter term moving averages and the 50 day are now all trending lower in sync again.

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