Financial Astrology: Gold and Silver

The recent rally with gold and silver sort of crept up on many traders who were waiting for the Fed to announce the start of QE3. The rally started the first week of August with or without (?) more QE.  The question mark reflects my personal opinion that more QE is flowing secretly, and not approved by Congress.

August 2nd was a date I described beforehand in my newsletter as very critical for the markets and gold.  I felt that gold would be at high risk for a significant pullback on that day.  Gold did take a hit that day however gold ended up faring much better than Knight Capitol Group, which almost became another MF Global on August 2nd.  The pullback proved to be an entry point for long positions and below is a clip of what I wrote to my subscribers on July 29th:

We could see a significant move up for gold and silver near August 4th that could carry into August 25th-28th.  There could be another setback at the end of August as well as more difficulties with the Comex deliveries/inventories/margin changes.  Caution:  There is high risk trading gold/silver.

Jeff and I were discussing gold and silver in July from both the standpoint of the astrology and the technicals.  Jeff wanted me to look for the pessimism in the astrology as the charts looked like another pullback was needed.  I looked for the pessimism and instead found optimism!  The astrology seemed to point to August 2nd as the most likely date to deliver the pessimism, and since it did not get too pessimistic on that date, gold and silver will most likely earn back some trust from skeptical traders.

Did you miss the rally?  maybe not, we could see a pullback into September for a buying opportunity.  The gold and silver market is trying to tell everyone what is coming, and the ‘what’ is inflation.

Author: Karen Starich

Karen Starich is an Astrologer who uses her unique approach to analyze stock market trends and commodities, including gold and silver. She uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets. Astrology Traders provides specific dates and in-depth analysis of future events for the financial markets through weekly updates, trade alerts, and educational webinars.


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