Gold & Silver Price Drops In 2013

We are witnessing historic price drops in gold and silver in 2013. After the extreme disconnect between paper and physical silver, we have reported lately about the historic bearishness in terms of sentiment. What follows are the the most important articles we published about the gold and silver price drops in 2013.

Latest readings about gold and silver price drops in 2013

Gold & Silver Price Subject To Greediness Of Traders by Taki T (May 20th, 2013)

Short covering, triggered by rumours of a potential US downgrade from Moody’s, are sending gold and silver prices vertical. The move higher comes after a very suspicious spike this night in which the silver price was pushed 10% lower within the first hour of Asian trading (with a bank holiday in Europe). The charts show the price action in today’s trading sessions. In our own words: folly of the highest degree, or the metals being subject to greediness of traders.

Silver Price Down 7% Right After Asian Opening by Gold Silver Worlds (May 20th, 2013)

The Asian market opened less than an hour ago. Large parts of Europe have a bank holiday today. So that means very thin trading. What happens? Really seconds after opening of Asian trading silver falls down from $22.3 to $20.8 in a matter of minutes.

Global Physical Gold & Silver Demand On Fire Amid Price Drop by Gold Silver Worlds (April 17th, 2013)

The demand in the physical market is unprecedented. Because real-time reporting about physical gold and silver purchases does not exist, we need to rely on what bullion dealers are reporting. The picture is highly consistent and reveals the price crash side effects.

Sharpest Drop in Gold Price Since Start Of Bull Market by Gold Silver Worlds (April 16th, 2013)

The gold price has been hit hard. With a gold price drop of 7.7%  following Friday’s decline of 5.5%, it makes up for the sharpest drop since the start of the current bull market in the metals in 2001.

Gold & Silver Prices Drop Today – What To Make Out Of It? by Gold Silver Worlds (April 4th, 2013)

The red line through all of this? The price trend of gold does not reflect the real financial and monetary risks. But what to make out of this disconnect? Honestly, it is difficult to say. We are not alone apparently. Some of the sources we really trust consistently report the same disconnect between “reality” and price evolutions.

Gold & Silver Prices Drop Into Severely Oversold Area by Gold Silver Worlds (February 20th, 2013)

The gold and silver price drop is significant. We would say it is out of proportion, although the latter does not matter. The sentiment indicator(s) signal a significant long term bottom. By contrast, the fundamentals of owning physical gold have not changed.

Three Experts About The Gold & Silver Price Drops by Gold Silver Worlds (December 24th, 2012)

Gold and silver are in a waterfall decline for four weeks now. The metals currently stand at their levels of August of this year. We collected in this article the view of three true experts.

Largest gold and silver price drops since 2001

To put things into perspective, we show in the following table the largest price drops since the gold bull market started in 2001. Readers can position the recent gold price and silver price declines with the previous ones.


Gold and silver price drop seem to be ignored by regulators

Where Are The Regulators After The Historic Gold & Silver Price Drop? by Ted Butler (April 21st, 2013)

It appears that the multi-market price smash of this past week is also destined to be intentionally ignored by both the CME and the CFTC, save for the braggadocios press release from the CME and some not so reassuring words from Commissioner Chilton that the agency is ”looking into it.”