Silver Manipulation: a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to increase your wealth

Michael McDonald and Christopher Whitestone published a book about the silver manipulation and what the physical metal means for people globally. In an audio interview conducted by SGTReport, co-author Michael McDonald provides some key idea that are explained in his book ” The Silver Bomb: Beyond the Return of Metal as Money “. Click on the link to go the book’s website  for a free preview and for details on where to buy it.

The book is a quick and easy read to let people know what is happening in our world, how we got there and which solutions we have to go through the coming crisis. For who is this book important? It’s for the good & honest people that look for a sure way to invest their savings. The book is also aiming to reach the people who bought silver but see the price going down, although its value is much higher than the price is currently reflecting (at the time of writing: 30 June 2012).

The author explains that we are living in scary times. In fact, he thinks that epic changes have started to unfold since 2008. We are going slowly but surely to the climax of a debt bubble. The bubble is popping at this very moment, but it’s going at such a slow rate that people are hardly seeing it. The point is, there simply is no way out: in no way whatsoever are we able to pay back this debt, globally. That’s why the authors are convinced major defaults are coming. It’s just a matter of when, not if.

Moreover, we are not only experiencing a debt bubble, but also a corruption bubble. In the major financial ponzi scheme, governments and banks are constantly manipulating figures, prices, interest rates, etc. In that respect, Michael McDonald explains it’s clearly proven that silver price manipulation is a fact. The author adds to it that the only reason why the silver price is not going through the roof, is that large banks are afraid of the monetary metals and are suppressing the price. By doing so, they want to hide the ongoing collapse of the paper money system.

Strange as it may sound to some people, this environment also offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. More specifically for silver, the author explains that the ongoing manipulation is so deep that an upward explosion is imminent, it’s only a matter of time. This buying opportunity won’t last forever, so “you better load up before it’s too late”.

A quote from page 174 “This moment in history, which will see the manifestation of The Silver Bomb, is the sum total of all the years, of all the days, and of all the trades ever made.” The author expains in the book that we are experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy physical silver, by stating: “It [The Silver Bomb] will also include events that have no prior precedent and will never happen again.”

What’s the true price of silver, based on the current demand and the global need for it? Michael McDonald says it’s not know, unfortunately. What’s known for sure however, is that the current price is not reflecting the real value of it. The point is that silver is used everywhere, our lives are completely dependant on silver. Furthermore it’s irreplacable as a good and there is not much supply left above ground.

What does this all mean to us? Here is a positive way to look at it. We should thank the bankers that they manipulate the silver price, because they offer the metal at discount (say you get a premium sales offer).

In closing, we would like to quote this personal advice from the author: “We need to be our own central bankers.” It means essentially that we, individuals, need to foresee ourselves the backing in physical gold and silver of our personal wealth. Just like central banks provide gold as backing of the money they issue, we should do it on our own personal level as well.

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