Silver Investor Newsletter: The October Edition Is Out

A new month, a new edition of David Morgan’s Silver Investor newsletter. If we had to choose only three newsletters to read, out of the dozens on which we are subscribed … the one from David Morgan would undoubtedly be one of them.

Although we cannot disclose details on the content, we want to highlight the kind of topics that David Morgan is presenting in his latest newsletter (published past weekend). Subscribers of the newsletter can read in detail:

  • Why we have reached the point of no return in the economy
  • An economic & monetary analysis on the recently announced QE3
  • The real motives of the US Fed (not the ones reported by the mainstream media)
  • The effects of QE3 on the ongoing debt crisis

On top of that, David Morgan brings a well argumented analysis on the outlook of the silver price: what to expect and how high can silver realistically go?

In the mining stocks section, there is a special gold stock recommendation this month: a small cap gold producer in the US with big potential. Aaprt from that, there are extended updates on the companies that are in the selected gold & silver mining portfolio.

A very strong newsletter, pure quality, again … Not subscribed yet, then we invite you to take a look at the subscription service.


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