Own physical Gold? This infographic explores Vaulted Gold as one of your options.

When you want to own physical gold, you have three options to store it : (1) at home which carries obviously a high risk (2) in a safe deposit box (3) in a professional, high security vault which is the easiest solution. Some of the most known companies where you can buy physical gold and store it in a professional vault, are GoldMoney or Bullionvault. They have gained trust as they have grown their customer base with an optimal service and as they exist for quite some time now.

The infographic below – created by TrustableGold.com – provides interesting details on the vaulted gold option you have to buy and store gold, as an individual or professional investor. Obviously there are very nice benefits of using vaulted gold services: you know you own real gold for which you have the outright ownership, it’s stored independently in a professional way, a regular inspection happens on the service.

As we evolve in the gold bull market, the number of providers of this kind of service is growing as well, resulting undoubtedly in better service and perhaps better rates.

You can use the infographic below as a check when deciding which provider you want to work with. we consider most of the providers mentioned in the graphic as trusted companies. But as always, please do your own due diligence before making any decision and do not really on one source only!

Courtesy of TrustableGold.com

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