Is gold a bubble? Look at this Infographic for the answer.

How much times did you hear people stating in the media that Gold is in a Bubble ? Well I got tired of it long time ago. It happens every time again as the gold price corrects itself. But when the gold price rises, as it is doing steadily for 12 years now, you don’t see the same people appearing anymore in the media, stating they were wrong. What’s so bad about admitting that you were wrong about something ? We can only learn from our the mistakes we made, right ?

Precious metals expert and entrepreneur John Hathaway created an infographic which proves that Gold is not at all in a Bubble, based only on facts & figures. The general conclusion from this graphic is that the best is yet to come in the current long term Gold Bull market! Are you ready for much higher gold prices ? Do you own enough gold & silver assets to increase your wealth in the coming years ? The easiest way to make profits is to be invested right IN a trend and have a long term investment perspective.

A couple of facts from this infographic that we particulary like :

  • When comparing the gold bull market we are now in with the previous one (1970-1980) or the internet hype, we are still far away from the mania phase
  • The number of people worldwide is growing, implying that the demand for gold should grow as well, but the supply of gold is growing at a much lesser extent
  • The investment community is not yet invested in gold, they still have less than 1% on their total investments in gold related assets while in the peak of the previous gold bull market in 1981 it was more than 25%. Now try to imagine if the investment demand increases like previously happened many times, what effect it could have on the price of gold.

Please read this infographic thoroughly and do not get distracted from hollow statements you regularly hear in the media. Instead, keep on focusing on real facts, on real figures. Those facts & figures point to higher gold prices and to a healthy long term gold bull market, which is currently far from being a bubble.

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