Infographic: Is Silver The New Gold Created By The Silver Bomb

Anyone that spends time at knows that precious metals are the best way to hedge against inflation and the rapidly decreasing fall in the value of the dollar.

And while gold remains a smart move, there’s much to be said for silver. Why? Because, unlike gold, silver has an inherent value that goes well beyond scarcity. Without silver the world as we know it would literally stop. The computer screen on which you are reading these words, has silver in it. The TV you watch, has silver in it…and the list goes on and on.

This infographic was created to help investors learn about the underlying reasons behind silver’s increasing value. With silver supplies dwindling and demand on an upward spiral, there seems to be no end to silver’s meteoric rise in value. Courtesy of the authors of the book The Silver Bomb (click on the link to read a free preview of the book or to order the e-book right away).


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