Infographic: all you need to know about Gold in the world

This infographic gives you a lot of valuable insights about gold in our world : volumes, mining, countries, usage and more. Here are some highlights of the facts in this infographic that you could easily memorize. Did you know that :

  • the gold price has been increasing for the past 12 years, while before it was rather flat with the exception of the gold bull market between 1970 – 1980
  • on average only 5 gold rings per person are currently available, based on the availability of gold above the ground
  • 52% of the mined gold in the world is used for jewelry and only 16% for investments
  • by far the highest gold consumption in the world happens in Indian & China combined
  • the world’s top 5 gold producing regions are China, the US, Australia, South Africa and Russia
  • the US is by holding the largest gold reserves that are owned by central banks and investment companies worldwide
  • 85% of the mined gold happened as from 1900 onwards
If we take all these interesting facts together and look at the current trends taking place (monetary policies of governments, debt crisis worldwide, growth of the global population, investment demand, etc), we can expect the gold price to continue it’s upward move. Ultimately, we can expect a similar evolution like we saw from 1970 to 1980 (the gold price went from $ 34 an ounce to it’s peak of $ 850 an ounce in just ten years). Are you IN this trend ?



From: Number Sleuth


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