Infographic about gold, the dollar and inflation

We were sent an infographic that was created by Wholesale Gold Group, a US precious metals dealer with a good reputation. The owner of the company Michael MacDonald, has recently written the book “The Silver Bomb: Beyond The Return Of Metal As Money.”

The infographic shows how the purchasing power of the dollar has fallen dramatically over the past century and especially in the last decade. Basically it links an increasing inflation rate to the absence of a gold standard.

The loss of the purchasing power is presented based on the Consumper Price Index (CPI). One dollar for example was worth 129% more in 1980 than it is today. Two common and easy to understand examples should tell the story: how much bread and how much oil could you get back in 1980 with one unit of “paper money” versus today.

Obviously the reasons for this loss in purchasing power or accelerating increase in inflation, should be widely known: excessive money creation by Central Planners leading to a historic high debt in the US.

Some solutions are highlighted at the bottom of the visual, mainly suggested by well known experts. The return to one or another form of a gold standard is the key. As talks about the gold standard are heating up over the past few weeks, mainly driven by the political debate(s), the least we can say is that this infographic is well timed.



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