Gold Wars by Ferdinand Lips in Spanish

| April 17, 2012 | Articles: Insights

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Spanish speakers rejoice! The late Ferdinand Lips’s epic book Gold Wars: The Battle Against Sound Money as Seen From a Swiss Perspective has just been published in Spanish for the first time, with sponsorship from the GoldMoney Foundation.

The first versions of the book (in English and German) were published back in 2001 – on the cusp of gold’s latest bull market. Gold Wars makes a thorough case for the gold standard, and shows how and why governments and central banks turned against gold over the course of the 20th century. Lips is particularly scathing about how the financial elite in his own country, Switzerland, turned against their own sound money tradition – calling this “the betrayal of Switzerland”.

Order the Spanish version of Gold Wars at Unión Editorial. Watch GoldMoney’s interview with Ferdinand’s daughter, Barbara, in the video below; Barbara is co-founder of Lips, Marti & Partner – a marketing and communications company based in Zurich.

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