Forbes Promotes The Benefits Of Gold

Forbes published an article on its website entitled Gold can save us from disaster. The article is written by Steve Forbes himself and will appear in their magazine in the October 22nd edition.

We find it remarkable, not because of the fact Forbes is writing about gold (they are in fact publishing regularly precious metals related content) but because of the types of statements and thoughts in it. This sentence is an important one in promoting the awareness around precious metals: “Unless Mitt Romney educates himself quickly on the need for monetary reform, we are going to have to seriously and deliberately begin the process of education and experimentation”.

It’s just a couple of days ago that Nick Barisheff made the point that the primary reason of today’s ignorance vis-à-vis gold, is the lack of education especially related to monetary matters. Mainstream media is not helping in the process of education. So here we are, with a leading financial magazine promoting the benefits of gold in our monetary system and linking it to the stability of the financial system.

Steve Forbes hit the nail on the head when stating that the Central Bank is destroying wealth … exactly like Nick Barisheff explained in his Q&A with GoldSilverWorlds “The destruction of currency and rise of gold” :

What the Fed is doing through its binge buying of bonds is enabling Washington to consume our national wealth. Instead of creating new wealth we are beginning to destroy that which exists. No wonder tens of millions of people feel—rightly—that their real incomes are declining and their financial situations are coming under more pressure. In real terms the stock market is lower today than it was in the late 1990s, and even in absolute terms it still isn’t where it was in 2007.

The combination of getting a serious debate on the gold standard going and sweeping away our legal tender laws barring competitive domestic currency would hasten the day that we’ll once again have a gold-based currency like that which did our country so much measurable good for 180 years.

Could this be a sign that the tide is turning? Are we right now close to the tipping point? Only time will tell, but things are worsening every day in our economy and the least we can say is that the situation is alarming. Do you own physical gold and silver?

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