Financial Astrology: Sept 13th Turning Point for the US and What it Means For Gold

This article was written by financial astrology expert Karen Starich as a result of a Q&A with GoldSilverWorlds.  

America is on the cusp of yet another opportunity to change the outcome and reverse a potential ‘One World Order’ and financial reorganization on an international scale. On September 13th Saturn will make an exact square to the Federal Reserve’s Neptune, a transit that is inharmonious and suggests bankruptcy and potentially a block to further QE3.

Saturn is the ‘old reaper’ that keeps a perfect set of books and won’t lend out a dime until all the accounts are in order, and Neptune is the planet of grand financial illusions that are so vague you cannot pin then down. There is another influence with this transit that can bring stubbornness and insubordination at the same time, so we could see more QE that is under the radar or very secret.
Saturn also brings order out of chaos and in my view September 13th marks the turning point, and a change of phase for America that will become more apparent over the course of the decade. Most likely there will be a return to the ‘old fashioned’ simple ways and values of our Grandparents. We could see a shift with the younger generations that is more conservative and demanding of a higher standard. Old fashioned movies and love stories may start to replace all the gore and violence in the cinema as people lose interest in the death culture.

The Saturn in Libra square only occurs once every 29+ years, so I find it very interesting that the Fed meetings in Jackson Hole line up so perfectly with very critical astrology transits. There are cycle analysts, and some fellow astrologers, that are all pointing to a top or “turning point” in the markets in September. Although I do see also a potential for a sharp correction in the near future, I will not call it a “turning point” or top in the markets here. In my view their analysis is correct that we have a turning point, but it may be more related to a turning point for America as a nation to uphold the standards of our Founding Fathers, and refuse to participate in the ‘Grand Bargain’ that Soros and others are espousing.

The potential beneficiary here could be gold and silver. There is an obscure star named Midas that has a reputation for (influence of) hoarding gold in it’s transit of Leo. Midas will be entering the sign Leo (gold) on September 14th just a few days before Pluto (mining) moves direct. We could see some pretty big moves for gold and silver in the very near future. Because of the hoarding influence of Midas we could potentially see a confiscation, block, or difficulty in obtaining physical metal also in the near future, so that means potential volatility and Comex delivery issues beginning September 26th.

Written by Karen Starich, who uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets. Astrology Traders provides specific dates and in-depth analysis of future events for the financial markets through weekly updates, trade alerts, and educational webinars. Learn more about this original service.


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